How do I take the Urine version of the test?

Before you do the test, it is important that you have not passed Urine for at least two hours.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Please fill in all sections of the form. You must tell us your full name, date of birth and contact details (including postcode), otherwise the sample may not be tested. We will not share this information with anyone without your permission.
  2. Wee into the cone and pour into the tube – tighten the lid and dispose of the cone in a waste bin.
  3. Put the full tube into the plastic bag,  seal then put the whole lot into the bag attached to the form and seal.
  4. Place completed form and plastic bag into the box, close the box and remove the white adhesive tape to seal.
  5. POST TODAY – No stamp required – and your result will be back in 7 – 10 days

How do I get my results?

About 10 working days after you have sent your test back, the service will contact you either by text, phone, email or in writing (depending on which you have told us is the best way to contact you), to let you know your result. 

If your result is positive you will be asked to attend clinic to be treated.  An antibiotic will be administered to you.  You will also be asked if your partner would be able to attend with you as you would both need to be treated to stop cross infection.

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