Sex myths

It’s not always easy to know what to believe when it comes to stories about sex. Especially when you hear you mates talking about it. So get clued up as we bust some of the most common myths surrounding sex and give you the real facts:

The Myth: Condoms are 100% safe.
The Truth: Condoms are a highly effective form of contraception, as well as a great way of preventing sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia. However, condoms can and do break, so it’s always good to use them with another form of contraception such as the pill.

The Myth: You can’t get pregnant during unprotected sex if the lad pulls out before he ejaculates (cums).
The Truth: Sperm can still be found in a lad’s pre-cum (the clear, sticky drops that are released when a lad is aroused). It only takes one sperm to get you pregnant, and the fluid can also contain sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia. Some lads aren’t aware that they are ejaculating until it’s too late.

The Myth: You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.
The Truth: : If you have sex and don’t use contraception you can get pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or not. You can get pregnant as soon as you start ovulating. This can happen before you’ve even had your first period.

The Myth: Lads hate using condoms because sex feels better without one.
The Truth: The only lads who won’t use condoms are those with no respect for themselves or their partner. It is the responsibility of both people involved to be prepared for safe sex. If you’re considering sex then take responsibility for yourself and get wrapped up.

The Myth: You can get pregnant by having oral sex.
The Truth: If you have oral sex, you can’t get pregnant, even if you swallow a lad’s sperm. But remember, you can still contract sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia through oral sex, so it’s safer to always use a condom.

The Myth: You can’t get pregnant while you’re on your period.
The Truth: If you have sex at any time without using contraception you can get pregnant, as well as increasing the risk of contracting chlamydia or any other sexually transmitted infections. Sperm can survive inside the girl for up to seven days so you can get pregnant at any time of the month.

And if you thought some of those were crazy, wait till you get a load of these:

None of the following are true…

  • A lad’s testicle will explode if he doesn’t have sex
  • You get pregnant if you take folic acid
  • A boy is only fertile if his testicles feel cold
  • You can’t get pregnant if you ‘wash’ with coca cola
  • You can re-use a condom if you wash it out
  • Jumping up and down after sex stops you getting pregnant
  • If you don’t have a condom you can use Cling Film or an empty crisp packet

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