Order a free Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea test kit (Age 18 and under)

Please do not order a test on this site if you are aged 19 and over.

Please send postal kits back within 7 days for processing. We will not be able to process it if you request one and then send it back to us if you are aged over 18.

For 19+ please use SexualHealthService4Doncaster or telephone Solutions for Health on 01302 272165 / 0800 2465390

If you’re under 19 and live in Doncaster, you can request your free confidential chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing kit by filling out the form below. Your testing kit will be sent out within 14 working days of the request as long as you are under 19 and you have a Doncaster Postcode. A kit will not be sent out if you do not live in Doncaster area.

Your test will arrive by post in an unmarked envelope with full instructions. Don’t forget to return the test as soon as possible. Your results will be available within 10-14 working days, you will receive a text message (please leave a valid number when requesting your kit).

If you don’t receive a text message you can call us to get an update after 10 working days.

Don’t forget it is a confidential service and none of your data is used or disclosed.

**Please note: you can only order ONE test kit per name, if you want more than  one kit sending to the same address we can do that as long as the details are for each different person**

If you live out of the Doncaster postal code we will be unable to send a kit out, please contact your local sexual health clinic to enquire about availability of Chlamydia testing.

Positive result! What next?

If your test result does come back as positive we will text you to contact our clinic and you will then be invited to attend for free treatment. Any current sexual partners will also need treatment to prevent re-infection; they can attend with you for a free test/treatment. It would be ideal to attend together however it is more important to seek prompt treatment yourself.

We also offer confidential contacting of any partners so you don’t have to feel pressured to do all contacting yourself, your details would not be shared with contacts.

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  • If you are aged 18 or under, you can order a FREE, confidential testing kit online from this website

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